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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Atlas and LINQ

A couple of notable events (to me anyway) from PDC today. Atlas and LINQ were both announced.

Atlas is Microsoft's much touted AJAX implementation. I believe AJAX (and Atlas) has a bright future, and I'm looking forward to diving in to it deeper. I just hope that developers don't start doing everything with Atlas without understanding what's going on under the hood, just because they can.

LINQ is new to me, but looks to be the successor to C-Omega which I touched on briefly in my last post about object persistence in .Net. Being able to query both XML and relational data directly in the language, complete with compiler support, is a powerful idea which will hopefully make all that data access code a whole lot easier to write.

More stuff to play with now. Man, you sure can't ever stand still in this industry.


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